Azure confidential computing keeps data secure while in use

Microsoft just introduced a new collection of data security features for Azure called Azure confidential computing. The new capabilities offer protections for public clouds and encryption of data while in use. What this means is users can process data in the cloud without worrying that the data will ever be not in their full control.

Microsoft shared more about the new security features in a recent blog post. Here are some of the highlights.

Benefits of Azure confidential computing

azure confidential computing

Cybersecurity is already a major concern for a lot of organizations. And while those organizations recognize how useful cloud technology can be, they’ve been reluctant to use it for certain sensitive data due to the risks of that data being obtained while it’s in use.

Azure confidential computing focuses on closing that gap so that your data is protected not just when it’s at rest but also while it’s in use. Organizations that were once reluctant to take full advantage of the cloud can now rest easy knowing that their sensitive data is even more secure thanks to this new feature.

How Azure confidential computing works

Azure confidential computing uses a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to protect data. TEEs ensure that any data and operations contained within cannot be viewed or altered from the outside, even with the use of a debugger. So if anyone tries to access the data or tamper with code, the TEE can deny and disable the operations.

How to use Azure confidential computing

Currently, the Azure confidential computing feature is available via an early access program. If interested, you can fill out a quick survey on the company’s website to express your interest and request early access. Microsoft will also demonstrate some of the features and abilities of the program at the upcoming Ignite online conference, for those interested in simply learning more.

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