How Critical are Health Checks in a Migration Project?

ImageHealth Checks for Messaging and Collaboration platforms are valuable services that can help you avoid major issues and better understand your Exchange environment.

These checks often offer multiple services to optimize the platform, merge one environment with another, etc.

Most of the Health Checks are done before starting important projects, such as migrations or a consolidation project on a customer’s site.

You will be able to detect the root cause of any downtime, prevent end-user impacts as well as any potential problems before they are able to occur.

The information collected can be used to create reports that reveal if everything is fine on your site or if potential problems exist, such as latency for some users or if certain functions are producing errors.

Benefits of Adopting a Health Checking System:

  • Ability to compare the performance of the environment
  • Identify performance issues and remove bottlenecks
  • Understand issues prior to large scale migrations or upgrades

Health Checks can improve your environment and be a huge time saver for IT professionals. By being well informed on the details of your availability, performance, usage and overall system, you will be able to better plan for the future and avoid serious setbacks.

If you had to rate how critical Health Checks are inside of a messaging migration, how would you rate it 1-5?

Do you currently use a program that conducts health checks on your messaging and collaboration tools? 

Leave us a comment below telling us more about your struggles involving Health Checks, we would love to hear about it!

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