Office 365 Security Auditing- Better Safe Than Sorry

An organization’s employees perform millions of actions on Office 365 each day, so it’s important for administrators to have tools to investigate incidents that occur which could threaten the security of the network. Administrators need to be able to find out who is responsible for each incident, and what actions need to be taken to resolve vulnerabilities in your Office 365 environment.

That’s why GSX is excited to announce the GSX 365 Security Audit, designed to help administrators secure their cloud environments. The Security Audit helps simplify the auditing of Office 365, and allows for fast security incident responses with rich visualizations on a single, clean dashboard. The dashboard makes it easy to navigate and solve issues that occur on Office 365. It also provides advanced search capabilities and long-term storage of the data.

One benefit of the GSX 365 Security Audit is that it makes investigating incidents super simple by enabling audit reporting for any user, time frame, or document. That means the audit can show who viewed, modified, or deleted something, letting you identify the root of the problem. This capability allows administrators to see who’s responsible for causing security threats, so that they can address the issue and prevent it from happening again.

The GSX 365 Security Audit also lets administrators control their data integrity with granular settings and permissions management. Administrators are able to detect suspicious user activities to identify external attacks on an environment, such as credential leaks. The GSX 365 Security Audit lets you collect records of user activity so you can take action when unusual activity is detected. The tool also lets administrators protect their environments by proactively preventing threats, providing a complete understanding of the potential vulnerabilities in your Office 365 environment.

As organizations become increasingly reliant on the cloud, security auditing has never been more important. Administrators need clear insights into their system’s environments to prevent risks and ensure security, and the GSX 365 Security Audit is a solution to meet that need.  

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