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This seems like a good time to give you some feedback on how things are going from our community. We are 100% committed to offering  new and existing customers and partners the best product and services.
Please read what people from a wide range of industries have to say about GSX Solutions.

“Thanks to the intuitive user interface of GSX Monitor & Analyzer you know instantly if something does not word as expected. It is a powerful tool that enables us to focus our effort and attention so that our performance SLA of 99,9% is always reached”
-Nguyen Vo Tam, IT Manager for collaboration tools at SILCA, IT Division of Crédit Agricole

“We are pleased with our choice of GSX Monitor & Analyzer for this critical migration project. It proved to be a powerful tool that fully met our stingent performance requirements.”
-Uwe Warvel, System Engineer at the Atos Collaboration Competence Center

“GSX Monitor is an impressive and powerful tool which enabled us to drastically reduce our monitoring setup and configuration time. We now have ready access to all KEy metrics of our servers, and the services delivered to end users.”
-Anthony-Georg Heijkoop, Raiffeisen Administrator

“The GSX solutions were only as good as the technical support and overall service provided during both the evaluation and the deployment implementation of the solution. As a brand new customer of GSX Monitor, Capgemini had very specific expectations and feature requests that they were able to work on with the GSX development team and get included in new releases after their original deployment. More than its market leading solution, it was GSX reactivity and ability to work closely with Cap Gemini and meet their needs that helped make this a successful deployment.”
-Eric Chevassu, Administrator Architect and SLA reporting at Capgemini.

“An important advantage of our partnerships with GSX Solutions is our ability to provide BES monitoring solutions directly to our customers as part of our expanded enterprise solutions portfolio. GSX Monitor and Analyzer for BlackBerry complement our BES12 architecture and allow our enterprise customers to benefit from the level of control and management that they are seeking.”
-Billy Ho, executive vice president of Enterprise Products and Value Added Solutions for BlackBerry.

“Mobile devices have evolved to become a primary conduit of enterprise data access. As a result, the performance of the mobile infrastructure is critical for both end-users and management. With this alliance, BlackBerry is able to deliver real-time monitoring of BES12, allowing our customers to be confident in their service uptime delivery.”
-Peter Ng, Senior Director of Global Alliances and Business Development at BlackBerry.

“The ability to manage BlackBerry smartphones, iPhones and Androids is a business requirement for most of our clients. With BES12, we are able to meet those needs, bringing out the best in each mobile operating system. Every day, we hear of information falling into the wrong hands, so security is a top priority. BES12 and BBM Protected ensure that personal data is always protected, even if it gets into the wrong hands. It is important that the systems running the mobile communications are monitored, as well. With the use of GSX Monitor and Analyzer, we can manage the infrastructure of the whole chain, the mail server and the database.”
-Zekeria Oezdemir, head of technology at NovaLink.

“The goal of every forward-thinking IT leader is to get closer to all facets of the business to help establish a compelling and lasting competitive advantage. Through automation, consolidation and proactive tools, we’ve been successful in reducing tactical burdens which, in turn, increases innovation effectiveness. We find monitoring common things such as email, data bases and security to be invaluable, and frankly, some of the biggest differences when looking for ways IT can show a return to various areas of the business. Proactive decisions about upgrades, process changes and remediation can only be made based on data. The GSX tool suite offers our clients both—it gives time back by automating the monitoring and provides actionable data to make the right decisions at the right time.”
-Shawn Willson, Director of Sales for Inergex

“Installing monitoring software enables IT departments to pro-actively protect their corporate networks and keep employees working efficiently without any downtime. Real-time reports provide visibility of issues between servers and devices across multiple platforms. Being able to monitor and report both BES and Exchange servers from a single console adds efficiency and uptime as problems are highlighted before they even impact users.”
-Ajay Patel, product support specialist at Arrow Business Communications, Ltd.

“We are very excited about our continued partnership with GSX,… Adding proactive monitoring and analysis of Sametime 9 not only benefits the hundreds of IBM and GSX joint customers, it is a new opportunity to drive market confidence for including real-time business communications as a critical component to any organization’s system of engagement.”
-Fernando Salazar, Distinguished Engineer, Director of Product Management for IBM Social Communications.

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