Plan your year: The most anticipated tech conferences of 2019

Various tech conferences held every year form the backbone of the tech industry. These events fall squarely in the B2B or B2C category, and they are crucial when it comes to educating, informing, and training attendees. And yes, they are also entertaining.

In 2019, it will be no different. You can expect to see a wide array of tech conferences taking place around the world, each focusing on some unique aspect of technology and IT.

However, you might find it overwhelming trying to search the Internet for details of the events. Thankfully, we’ve made the task a little easier by listing all the best 2019 tech conferences.

CES 2019

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Consumer Technology Association

The International Consumer Electronics Show is right around the corner, and you should already have your tickets booked for the mega-tech event of early 2019. This event, which takes place Jan. 8-11 in Las Vegas, has served as the launch pad for groundbreaking new technology and innovation for the past 50 years.

Every company that generates business from consumer technologies and is eager to introduce new innovations to the market will be gathered here. This year, you will witness over 3,800 of the largest tech firms exhibiting in the same spot, making it a dream come true for every serious tech enthusiast.

AI Assistant Summit

Head to San Francisco on Jan. 24 if you wish to know what’s going on in the world of AI technology. Featuring nearly 900 attendees and 70 speakers, this annual AI Assistant Summit is massive and attracts the crème-de-la-crème of tech society.

Microsoft, Apple, and Huawei are just some of the names that will be attending this year’s event.

Considering how the primary agenda for this year’s tech conference is “The next generation in predictive intelligence. Anticipating user and business needs to alert and advise logical steps to increase efficiency,” expect to see various industries showcasing the progress they have made in the field of artificial intelligence as well as their real-world applications.


Technology Expo

Europa-Park, the biggest leisure park in Europe, will serve as the site for CloudFest from March 23-29. Over the course of the week, you will learn everything you need to know about the whole cloud ecosystem.

This event is where attendees and partners feel as closely connected to the program as the panel of great speakers who deliver keynotes to excited crowds.

CloudFest is focused on celebrating the cloud, presenting great new technology and Internet innovations. If you are fascinated with the cloud and would like to be among similar-minded visionaries and thinkers, then you should definitely not miss out on this tech conference.


The INDUSTRY Europe Conference takes place in Dublin, Ireland, April 16-17.

The exhibition is always a hit as it showcases how different tech companies manage products in various environments, which isn’t the easiest thing to do given the difficulties associated with the development of world-class tech products. The event welcomes everybody involved in the tech field, from complex big enterprises to rapidly growing startups.

Attendees to this show come from far and wide to gain important insights into the industry from reputed product leaders who share the newest methods, frameworks, and tools they use to launch, build, and scale superior software technology.

CCB TechShowcase

The yearly CCB TechShowcase is the sole tech conference to be held in the great state of Wisconsin. The event brings together the top tech companies in the world so that decision-makers in the IT field and business leaders can experience the best and latest that business technology has to offer. Sound interesting? Then be present in Milwaukee on May 9.

TECHSPO Technology Expo

The TECHSPO Technology Expo is one of the leading IT conferences in the United States, displaying the newest developments in the field of innovation and technology. No one with even a passing interest in mobiles, IoT, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D printing, and contextual tech should miss this fascinating event.

You can have a fantastic time browsing the entire collection of emerging tech, and exhibitors will be more than happy to present their latest products to consumers.

After all, the purpose of this program is to provide a platform where tech companies can try and outdo each other to garner the attention of the press and tech-savvy investors.

TECHSPO is where technology, business, and innovation collide to entertain the largest pool of tech enthusiasts hoping to celebrate fresh IT ventures. You could be amazed, inspired, and educated on the way these next-gen technologies will or certainly can boost your business/s in the coming years.

You can attend the events in New York, Toronto, and Santa Monica, Calif., from mid-May to mid-June.

Tech Cruise 2019

leading IT conferences

When you picture a tech conference, you expect a somber, dry affair. But Tech Cruise 2019 seeks to shake things up with its unique take on this traditional event. Kicking off July 7 from Orlando, Fla., this will be a Royal Caribbean Cruise lasting seven nights.

If you have been a part of the tech industry for numerous years and would like to see something unique for a change, here is your best opportunity. Tech Cruise 2019 enables you to rejuvenate and recharge yourself in new surroundings while you’re surrounded and inspired by like minds.

The annual Tech Cruise is also a wonderful way to network with other tech professionals in a relaxed atmosphere.

You get a shot at creating your own professional network, generating innovative ideas, learning, and establishing a rapport with potential business partners. Feel free to participate in four optional events if you want to build up your tech knowledge during the cruise itself.

Tech conferences: Enlighten yourself

The conference list you see above has been carefully curated to offer the best tech conferences across multiple industries in one convenient location.

If you aren’t averse to traveling around the globe, it might be worth your while to visit some of the featured events for the latest developments in FinTech, SaaS, the cloud, and more.

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