The Hybrid Cloud Wonderland: Wonders and … disenchantments

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alice2 resized 600Congratulations you are now part of an every-day growing community of organizations who have moved to the Cloud! As most of your pairs, I guess you moved some aspects of your environment into the cloud, while keeping either part of all your implementation in-house.

In one hand, this is the best of both worlds, customers can leverage the benefits of the cloud, while maintaining critical users on-premises. Here we are in the Hybrid Cloud Wonderland. On the other hand, it is also the most challenging, as people count on you to deliver services and keep them running optimally in BOTH configurations.

At the company level, that is critical to ensure maximum information worker productivity. But at the administrator level limited visibility and no unified set of tools to manage and support both online and on-premises environment creates big headaches.

“How can I measure and compare the quality of service experienced by my users?
 What are the interactions between users on the cloud and on-premises?
 How can I troubleshoot performance issues?”

GSX Solutions and its alliance partner MetaVis Technologies teams-up to bring best-in-class service management to Microsoft infrastructures and help you in solving those headaches. MetaVis is a leader in information management solutions for Office365 and SharePoint platforms. The MetaVis solution allows companies to streamline their day-to-day administration. On his side GSX Monitor & Analyzer is the only tool on the market that measures and compares the Exchange service your company provides to your end users. 

The pairing of MetaVis Technologies & GSX Solutions will help you to ensure quality of service On-premise & in the Cloud. Book your seat to attend our joint webinar:

“Solving the Most Common Problems When Managing a Hybrid Microsoft Infrastructure”
Date: February 19, 2015
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST (5:00 pm – 6:00 pm CET)
Click here to register >> 

During this webinar we will discuss how you can:

• Streamline data portability for mass migrations reducing friction to on-boarding to the cloud
• Reduce your MTTR to ensure optimal performance for your business lines
• Maximize your MS investment ROI through better management of systems, data & licenses
• Meet SLA’s and ensure strong governance for Exchange, SharePoint, & OneDrive


Damon Tompkins, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, MetaVis Technologies
Chris Kolodziejski, Director of Product Management, MetaVis Technologies
Adam Chadderdon, Channel Manager-Americas, GSX Solutions
Olivier Raynaut, Microsoft Specialist & Pre-Sales Manager, GSX Solutions


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Webinar: Solving the Most Common Problems When Managing a Hybrid Microsoft Infrastructure Book your seat now!

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