Why MSPs should adopt GSX Robot User to boost their revenue?

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This week I will have the pleasure to attend one of my favorite events, the MSP world. Of course it is not the biggest event in the USA.The organizer did not book an entire attraction park or hotel for the attendees as Microsoft usually does for its major conferences. Nevertheless, it is one of the most interesting conferences for GSX Solutions to attend with our MSP’s community and develop new ways to drive customer’s satisfaction while doing profitable business.

GSX Solutions provides a unique tool for IT Service providers that allow them to become managed service providers on Microsoft complex environments.


As the vast majority of MSPs focus on remote system monitoring and sometime remote web applications monitoring & reporting. You will have some difficulty to find an IT service provider that will take the risk to commit on a quality of service on an environment that he doesn’t host.

And that’s totally understandable. How can he know if the user experience is acceptable if he doesn’t have an administrator onsite, performing test, doing troubleshooting, etc.


Problem is, in order to make that business attractive, this administrator should be at multiple customers at the same time in order to share costs. Exchange, SharePoint & Lync are tricky environments that are so deeply integrated into network, internet, security and third party applications that it might be hard for MSP to develop that offering.


Thanks to GSX Solutions, MSPs can now manage remotely the Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and even IBM environments. GSX is a virtual administrator & a robot user is easily deployed on a unique VM or laptop at the customer critical sites that use the environment as a user, troubleshoot the environment in real time and alerts you before there is any user impact.


With GSX Solutions installed at customer’s site, you can manage from a single install all the environments of your customer without installing any code on their server.

As you can be alerted on performance issue before the end user, you can prevent downtime and ensure end user satisfaction on Microsoft Applications. Moreover, the automatic reports provided by the tool on availability, performance & usage are definitely the key to justify the service you provide and commit on real SLA for your customers.


Thanks to GSX Solutions you can now provide a hosted service level quality even if the customer’s infrastructure stays at their side.


This differentiator makes you unique compared to your competitors and is for you another way, to compete with Cloud services.


Come at GSX Solutions booth #36 at MSP World and discover how the GSX’s virtual administrator can enable new business line while increasing your margin and your customer’s satisfaction.

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