XenMobile 10.8.25 includes productivity features, security enhancements for Secure Mail

Citrix just released the latest Secure Mail app with XenMobile 10.8.25. The release comes with a host of new features for Citrix’s popular enterprise mobility management solution that are designed to improve the user experience and security. Here’s a bit more information about what you can expect from Secure Mail and XenMobile 10.8.25.

Productivity features in XenMobile 10.8.25

Productivity is a major theme within the new Xen Mobile 10.8.25 and Secure Mail. One new feature is tabbed navigation, which lets you move between multiple tabs within mail, calendar, contacts, and files while enjoying a consistent user experience. There’s also a new prioritized inbox and feeds view that sets apart the important emails, invites, and other items that it thinks might be important to each user. And a new enriched photo attachment experience lets users select and de-select multiple photos at once, saving time when attaching those items to messages.

Users will also have the ability to export Secure Mail and Calendar events to other calendar apps or to their native calendars, which can help you get notifications for upcoming meetings or keep all of your to-dos organized in one place. And finally, there’s also a host of new third-party integrations to help users take advantage of other apps and programs such as GoToMeeting, Skype for Business, Slack, Salesforce, Concur, and Office Teams.

Security enhancements

The update also includes some new security improvements that will help IT admins and enterprise users combat prevalent threats such as phishing. This new release enables S/MIME for derived credentials on iOS, which helps to protect emails from unwanted accents through the use of digital signing. And IT can also select derived credentials as the source for S/MIME certificates, which can add another layer of security to protect against phishing and other malware attacks.

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